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God is ...
God will
Live more fully
I adore you
Once many people
Mindful of me
Lifted me
No matter where
Shown the way
As a child
I surrender
Your love shines
It is your
I fail
Have mercy
Though I forget
I seek
Let me
Wandering heart
Beyond my worth
Thank you for
Your beacon
Stand in awe
My arrogance
Bathe me
Your mighty hand
The light you send

Giver of life
Not me, but you
My unique task
Lead to the light
No fear
I depend
Make me whole
A tapestry
It is good
The brightness
Because you can
It is your ...

The old passes

My desire
God reigns
Empower me
A simple life
Let prophecy ring
Let my thoughts
Peaceful strength7
Away from light
So I pray
Lift my eyes
Only my service
Natural desire
Your plan
The only judge
Filled with fullness
All day long
For all this
Your gifts
See you clearly
My heart overflows
In joy and sorrow
Sustained in faith
Courage of faith
Forever united
Kneel so humbly
Your face and light
Lord and light
Through my service
Transform darkness
I become whole
God has provided
Gifts from God
Your love shines
Endless stream
The whole armor
Right directions
Wise teaching
Ocean of divinity
Give generously
Transform the world
Witness for Christ
Guide me
Among the least
My soul desires
Inspires my heart
A perfect blend
Servant role
A holy way
Mighty and merciful
On this day
Your deepest desire
A humble heart
Away from myself
In powerful prayer
I find
Joyful servant heart
Teach me the way
I have brightness
God is greater

God's presence
Your hands on earth
Though I am
Why, O God?
Uncomfortable truth
Greater forgiveness
Random thoughts
Take my life
In need of faith
The right size
Easily distracted
Truly forgive
Logs and specks
I flatter myself
Die for Christ
Quiet the voices
Nothing can separate
Inner enemies
I strive
I need you
Renew your call
From delusion
Deepen my desire
My deepest love
Anoint me
Hardships of life
The magnitude
Protect me
So firm
Protect my heart
Cast out demons
I stumble
Your benevolence
As best I can
Muddled mind
From evil
My woundedness
My hope remains
My need of you
So much less
Make me one
Lifted me
As a child
I surrender
Soften my heart
Patience to know
I turn to you
Mercy endures

Gift of Jesus
I still struggle
Send the power
Transform darkness
Brilliant gift of love
God satisfies
By your presence
Eyes of my heart
Turn away
My humanness
Help me release
Eternal now
Your love
Light of love
For your purpose
Comfortable places
I receive
Help me speak
You are mighty
Your eternity
Upon my heart
I will praise you
All praise
Grant wisdom
Whispers of the heart
In the midst
In you
Out of burdens
Eternal life shines
Defeated death
Christ within me
To share
Golden wheat
In the joy
Shine around me
Essential meaning
Time with you
Gifts of grace
Truth of heaven
To be

Infinite love
Live together
Focus on God
Bless my journey
Help me bathe
Keep your wisdom
Among those
A new journey
Release your spirit
Gifts that grow
Light of grace
Fill me
I am filled
Guard my soul
I am changed
In your image
Relieve my heart
I have seen
Fullness of life
A burning desire
Your holy fire
Live fearless
My dreams exalt
True liberation
The ground of God
Answers to prayer
Garden bloom
When evil invades
Bold acts
Constant flame
Fill my heart
Illuminate my face
Intimate knowledge
Blossom fully
Empower my words
Let me proclaim
Whisper of certainty
Your perfect light
Inspire the words
Power of life
Given together
Cleansed today
Prayers of gratitude
Jesus gave
Set me free
Empowers my voice
Separate journey
Breathe on me

Let my heart join
Source of life
So many gifts
Be praised

To serve God
Restore me
In you
In every moment
Let me serve
If I could
Your hands
Safe passage
Guide my feet
Fill my heart
Gift of grace
Whatever it takes
By faith
Inseparable faith
When tested
Represent Jesus
Fill me
Shield of faith
With your light
Glowing in the sky
Lost without you
Guard my heart
Put boldness
Joyful anticipation
For others
Not to waiver
Bring Jesus

Through eternity
Even when
I thankfully receive
A thousand deaths
After I fall
Turned against you
Divine grace follows
And I return
Though I

Stream of life
Only in you
Renewed by love
Each song
A fresh heart
Reconcile me
Love my enemies
Slow my days
Turn my life over
Become an heir
Prepare my soul
Choose the joy
Unique person
Pour strength
Grow stronger
Pure faith
Teach me
In my soul
Wash over me
Open my eyes
A new view
Illuminate hearts
Peace and solace
Empty my mind
Amazing grace

Overcome fear
Protect my heart
A long time
Presence and power
As you love me
Perfect wholeness
Constant grace
The righteous path
Constantly inviting
Be a friend
Too awesome
See clearly
Open first
All of my hope
Light to lead
Free my heart
Each moment
Your light
Always guide me
In the quiet place
I search

Calm the storms
Let me abide
Bring stillness
Feel the peace
Heart of God
I seek your face
Splendor of light
Peaceful contentment
Whispered doubt
Totally yours
I cannot count
Flow of your grace
In a song
Help me remember
Amid the din
Peaceful strength
No other joy
Windows to my soul
Empowered to overcome
Grant stillness
Loving alternative
The right battles
Belligerent noise
In and around me
I will be among
Jesus promised
In your peace
I have a friend
Serenity of prayer

Chosen wisely
Lifted to serve
Be productive
As I strive
I pray for
Restore your church
A single family
In your love
Moments ago
Help me renew

Struggle for freedom

Nurturing God
For each mother
You gave me
I give thanks
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