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Visiting Harp

Visiting Harp

Visiting Harp provides gentle and relaxing music for special events, meditation and worship,
and is a healing presence to care for people journeying through a difficult time.

For booking information contact:
Frederick Boyle
or email: VisitingHarp

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Visiting Harp is a small Celtic harp, played by Frederick Boyle, selecting from traditional folk music and spiritual songs. Presently, Visiting Harp contributes music to worship services, prayer gatherings, spiritual retreats, and social occasions. Visiting Harp also provides healing music at Assisted Living Centers in northern New Jersey.

Frederick Boyle (MDiv, MM, BFA) is a retired Elder in the United Methodist Church, a composer, and a trained professional musician. During his career pastoring churches, Frederick received special training in spiritual direction from Tree of Life, and hospice training from the Visiting Nurses Association. He is a member of the New York Composers Circle and the National Association of Composers USA. He has had recent performances of his works in New York City, Rochester, NY, and L^Viv, Ukraine.
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